Keep the Water Flowing at Your Home

Schedule gutter cleaning in Augusta or Windham, Maine

Are you tired of climbing up and down a ladder to clean your gutters? Do you have a better way to spend your Saturday?

Hire the gutter cleaning team at Ducky’s Gutters. Maine homeowners near and far rely on us for fast and efficient gutter cleaning services. You can leave your ladder hung on the wall in your garage – we’ll bring all the equipment we need to get the job done. You can count on us to remove leaves, debris and clogs in your new or old gutter system. We’ll clean the outside of the gutters, too!

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Need your gutters repaired?

Need your gutters repaired?

At your home in the Augusta or Windham, Maine area, have you noticed:

  • Pools of water around the foundation?
  • Washed out mulch or garden soil?
  • Mosquitoes during the spring and summer months?

If so, you’re most likely dealing with broken, leaky or clogged gutters. Call Ducky’s Gutters to inspect and repair your system ASAP. We have the parts and products needed to keep the water flowing through your downspouts.

Ready to replace your gutters?

Are the gutters at your home rusted, broken or hanging loose? Do you need to replace or upgrade them? Ducky’s Gutters installs new gutters in Windham and Augusta, Maine and the surrounding area. We’ll match your home with the perfect system for you.

We install gutters on new houses, too.

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